# Text Indentation in WordPress Posts

Wordpress @ 26 December 2010
I’m not too clear on what sort of Googling brought me to this page on the WordPress support forums earlier today; however, having felt a bit sad that the OP’s problem went unresolved despite having been given some good solutions, I felt like addressing this issue of easily getting paragraph indentations in WordPress posts with simple markup.

Inline CSS

My preferred solution to the OP’s problem was to append to the theme’s stylesheet a text-indent property for some named post class. However, to some users, navigating and altering a stylesheet may seem a bit intimidating. If this is the case, a friendlier alternative might be to enclose the content one wishes to indent within a div with text-indent property from inline CSS using the markup given below.

If you want to see a demo, you’re looking at it (this post). If you want to see a prettier demo (and some other stuff I’ve been working on) click here.

<div style="text-indent:2em">
Post content Lorem Ipsum Etc.